Simulator-based training has been an essential component of pilot training and tactical training in weapon systems for years in the German Armed Forces.

In the Simulation division GFD operates various simulators for the different weapon systems. GFD ensures maximum availability for the best possible training through a fully developed overall concept comprising support, maintenance and servicing as well as logistics support for the training facilities.

Daily mission training in a complex synthetic environment requires the flight instructors to have in-depth military and flying experience. This ensures that knowledge can be optimally imparted to the active pilots and WSOs (Wing Staff Officers). To this end, GFD has a team of 50 civilian flight instructors who meet this challenge and accompany our high standards by developing new training methods and means.

  • Eurofighter training in Laage, Neuburg, Nörvenich and Wittmund
  • Tornado training in Jagel
  • A400M training in Wunstorf