About GFD

GFD is a reliable and experienced service provider specialised in the fields of aviation and simulation. As a long-term partner, we provide cost-effective services for the German Armed Forces using state-of-the art technology.

Our large number of experienced former military pilots enable us to deliver training solutions tailored to the needs of our clients on a day-to-day basis for the optimal completion of their missions.

In our GFD Aviation division with its fleet of 14 specially equipped Learjets 35A/36A we provide JTAC training, live Eloka (electronic warfare) training, target simulation with or without towed targets, fighter control training, Red Air presentation and naval ship attack profiles throughout the world.

In our Simulation division GFD experts train all German Eurofighter pilots in the challenging EF ASTA (Eurofighter Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids) simulators as well as Tornado crews in the Tornado simulator.

GFD is an AIRBUS company.